BASEscan Program

An integral part of our proactive approach to property management. Designed to help you better prepare for any necessary capital improvement and repair.

Proactive Property Management.

Our BASEscan program is a hallmark of our proactive approach to property management. B.A.S.E. stands for Building Aesthetics, Systems, and Envelope. Focusing specifically on these areas gives us a solid base of knowledge and an opportunity to proactively plan for and address your building’s individual needs.

BASEscan includes a close look into your building to help uncover issues that affect many buildings in the Cambridge & Boston area.


How It Works:

  • Members of the Charlesgate/dotprop team including our Head of Maintenance, Director of Project Management, and your Property Manager will meet on-site for a review of your building’s exterior envelope, common areas, and mechanical systems. 
  • After the visual walkthrough, you’ll receive a detailed BASEscan report outlining how your building is faring and where more attention may need to be focused.

What You Can Expect On The Report:

We grade your building elements on a scale of poor, good, excellent. If any specific checkpoint has recommended action, notes will outline what steps are recommended to be taken. This proactive approach to management helps to better guide your budgeting and financial planning; and serves as another set of eyes to notice potential costly issues when it comes to your building’s structures and systems. Here's an example of what we'll review:

  • Building Aesthetics
    • Driveways/parking areas
    • Retaining walls
    • Landscaping
    • Common areas
    • Lighting
    • Furnishings
    • Staircases
  • Systems
    • Heating/cooling equipment
    • Life safety systems
    • Security
    • Building mechanicals
    • Elevator
  • Envelope
    • Roof
    • Siding
    • Foundation
    • Basement
    • Windows
    • Gutters/downspouts

BASEscan is one benefit of our unique, proactive approach to property management that we, along with the dotprop team, are excited to offer to you as clients. Proactive management helps to better guide your long term budgeting and financial planning and serves as another set of eyes to notice potential costly issues and risks regarding your building’s structures and systems. 

DISCLAIMER: Charlesgate Property Management LLC and its affiliated companies are not engineers or inspectors. BASEscan is not intended to serve as a building or home inspection, engineering report, reserve study, or any similar report, and it is not intended to replace the need for such. This report is based on a visual walkthrough in our capacity as a property manager, and is for informational purposes only.