Our Services

We’ve developed a dynamic suite of services that allow us to provide top tier management and achieve outstanding results.

As a new client, you now have access to our full range of services.

Condominium Association Management

Property management is a relationship, not a transactional business. We work to build a partnership with the Board and all owners. We view property management as an alliance, where we are all on the same team, working to achieve shared goals.

Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship. Our team understands that the services we provide are for individual’s homes and we recognize the importance and impact our management has on their daily lives. We take the time and care to ensure peace of mind for not only the Board Members but also for all unit owners.

Our level of service, with an emphasis on hospitality in property management, is what separates Charlesgate from other firms, large or small. We offer the custom hospitality, service, and direct principal involvement of a boutique, highly local firm with the capacity to take on any level of project with a personalized touch.

Our services include:

Financial Management

  • Collect and deposit monthly common area charges as well as any other assessments into the Association’s account
  • Set-up Association bank accounts: operating and reserve accounts. Reconcile all accounts monthly
  • Pay all Association invoices relating to common areas and monitor utility bills to ensure efficiency
  • Prepare monthly financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, budget to actual statement, check register, and owner delinquency report
  • Prepare and present an annual operating budget to the Board
  • Maintain all financial records of the Association

General & Administrative Services

  • Make preparations and attend Board Meetings and the Annual Owner’s Meeting
  • Consult and advise the Board on the management of the property and the Association
  • Maintain Association documents: annual meeting minutes, budgets, and legal documents
  • Ensure the Association’s master policy insurance is up to date and at market rate
  • Strict vendor review process

Online Services

  • We utilize our cloud-based property management software (available to unit owners, Board Members, and Charlesgate staff 24/7) to stay in contact with unit owners in the event of repairs, emergencies, and for sending occasional newsletters.
  • Unit owners can access Association information online not only to make their monthly payments but also to make requests or communicate in online discussion boards, which allows for more unit owner dialogue and involvement in maintaining and bettering the Association.

Rental Property Management

We take great pride in offering a personalized management approach to all of our clients. Our relationships are built on a foundation of shared goals and values ensuring alignment every step of the way. At the end of the day, you want to work with a company with whom you feel comfortable, who truly listens, and who is set up to bring your vision to life. We are uniquely positioned to offer you the personal relationship you seek, with the relationships you need to elevate your building experience and efficiency.

A well managed and maintained property is not enough. Residents have too many options where they may live. The culture and experience felt by residents is the key factor differentiating one property from another and allows your property, under our hospitality-based management, to reach its fullest potential. Our staff understands that the services we provide are for individuals’ homes; and, we stress taking the time and care to provide peace of mind for not only the owner but the tenants.

Our services include:

  • Emergency response 24 hours a day
  • Maintenance, repairs, and renovations
  • Janitorial, landscaping, and snow removal services
  • Strict vendor review process
  • Comprehensive leasing and marketing including tenant screening and rental market analysis
  • Collection of rent, escalation payments, and other charges. Online and automatic payments encouraged
  • Payment of mortgages and property expenses, monitoring utility bills for efficiency
  • Regular review of expenses and financials by Property Manager and Financial Staff
  • Preparation of financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, check register, and delinquency report
  • Monthly reporting and accounting with secure online access to financial records
  • Expert guidance on property management and investment issues
  • Assistance in obtaining and evaluating financing

Renovations and Construction Management

We have a licensed contractor in house who can assist you with bringing your kitchen, bath, and other renovation projects to life! Whether you want to tackle something small or are looking for a more comprehensive common area renovation, our Revive Renovations team is here to help. Our team specializes in restoration, remodeling, and construction consulting. Our client-focused approach and extensive experience in both real estate and construction sets us apart. We uncomplicate the construction process for our clients and deliver quality projects on time and on budget.

We are the ‘go-to’ choice for general contracting needs. We are small enough to give our clients individualized attention and big enough to have the resources to deliver a quality project with value.  Learn more about our project management services.

Maintenance and Repairs

While many of our clients have extensive expertise in various aspects of property ownership such as the legal and financial components, few have actual experience managing mechanical systems and performing maintenance and repairs. Our clients can depend on our experience as well as our team of preferred contractors to ensure that their mechanical systems run efficiently and are properly maintained. Our team coordinates all routine, and non-routine, maintenance services and serves as site supervisor when external vendors are needed for repairs or inspections.

We take a proactive approach to building management and maintenance. Our highly-trained maintenance technicians perform on-site walkthroughs of the property and provide recommendations and a timeline to the owners for needed improvements or repairs. It is imperative to both understand what needs attention now and what will need attention 5 years from now. We develop the building “map” and then guide our clients along the path.

Janitorial, Landscaping, and Snow Removal

We have a full in-house team of janitorial, landscaping, and snow removal experts. Keep your property looking its best both inside and out. Our services are completely customizable so you get the level of service you need and deserve. Don't get caught in an unsafe situation, you can rely on our expert team to take excellent care of your property.