4 Lessons Learned Building an Inc. 5000 Fast-Growth Company

4 Lessons Learned Building an Inc. 5000 Fast-Growth Company

The past few years have been quite a ride…

Dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19, riding the wave of the inflation curve, and now preparing for potential economic turmoil.

Through it all, I’m thrilled to announce that through all this CHARLESGATE has earned a spot on the Inc. Magazine Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, for the second time.

I’m incredibly proud of my team, and the way we have adapted, adjusted, learned, and grown over the past few years.

I’m thankful for our clients who have trusted us and leaned on us to deliver remarkable results.

And I’m happy to have learned a few critical lessons along the way that will power us to even more consistent growth in the future.

Four Lessons Learned Building a Fast-Growth Company

#1. People First

Our team and our clients come first. Not technology, not process, not shareholder value. Of course tech, process, and profit enable successful business, but if people aren’t first, empowered with strong relationships and trust, nothing else matters.

#2. Challenge the Status Quo

Just because something is a “best practice” or works well for another company (or another client), it’s lazy to not be curious and not always seek a better way. It’s the only way to deliver remarkable results.

#3. Stay Positive

Attitude is everything. Some days will be tough. Positivity doesn’t mean slapping a happy face on and ignoring problems. It means having the confidence to know you and your team can always find a way to solve them. Overcoming adversity is a choice.

#4. Move Fast

Better to move fast and make mistakes than overthink decisions and not move at all. Progress is paved with learning experiences, mistakes, and failures. Setting bold goals and aggressively taking action is the way to success.


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