Selling your home can be overwhelming. CHARLESGATE is here to help reduce your stress and sell your home quickly, at the best possible price.  Our aggressive and innovative marketing plans are specifically designed to maximize the exposure your property gets. We strategically target potential buyers with a marketing plan that is unsurpassed in its reach, resulting in more dollars in our seller’s pockets. It’s a simple fact that maximum exposure for your property leads to the maximum selling price in the quickest amount of time. 




Our Approach


Off-Market Campaign

Our marketing campaign doesn’t begin when your property is listed in MLS. Our extensive pre-marketing campaign helps connect your property with our network of buyers before it goes on the open market. We use our established list of buyers that are looking for homes just like yours.  We also do off-market advertising to present your home to potential buyers in the marketplace. Off-market transactions can mean more money in your pocket as a seller and an easier transaction for everyone involved.

Web Campaign

No matter where buyers are looking, they will find your property.  We have strategic partnerships with the most highly trafficked real estate websites in the U.S. and internationally, which means your property will be listed and advertised on:

  • Realtor.com
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Boston.com
  • Google
  • Condo Domain
  • Move.com
  • Yahoo! Real Estate
  • Craigslist
  • And many other sites…

Unique Website

Our team will create a custom, stand-alone site that is exclusive to your property.  We drive traffic to your site through creative linking strategies, classified ads, and traditional internet marketing such as banner ads and pay-per-click advertising (PPC).  Professional photography and SD Matterport technology visually showcase the features of your home inside and out. Our websites are visually stunning and optimized to drive buyers directly to your home.  Each website features:

  • Professional Photography
  • Description of Your Home
  • Neighborhood Information & Amenities
  • Transit Details
  • Floorplans
  • 3D Matterport Walkthrough on some listings!
  • Information to Contact Your Agent Directly

Buyer-Centric Campaign

We make it easy for buyers to imagine themselves in your property through multiple advertising channels.

  • 24/7 Open House:  Buyers can visit your property anytime online through a  virtual tour, floorplan, and 10+ professional photos and diagrams. 
  • Customized Printed Marketing Materials: Professional high-quality property package (including listing sheets, postcards, flyers, etc.) with full details and pictures.  
  • Open Houses: We hold traditional open houses for your property, optimizing advertising to ensure the maximum number of buyers know when and where to show up.
  • Print & Newspaper Ads: Designed to call attention to your property and increase potential interest, with direct calls to action to book appointments. 
  • Social Media: Our organic cross-channel reach is one of the strongest in the market.  Combined with paid ads, we get your home in front of more potential buyers’ eyes. 
  • Retargeted Ad Campaigns: If a potential buyer visits your property website, that signals interest.  We use retargeted ads across the internet to keep your property top of mind.
  • Signage: Attractive custom-designed banners and signage at the property are key to capturing walk-by/drive-by traffic.

Agent-Centric Campaign

Attracting attention from other real estate agents is a key ingredient in our marketing platform.  The vast majority of buyers work with a real estate agent to assist them in their purchase.  We create an industry “buzz” for your property by leveraging our extensive network of agents using the following techniques:

  • MLS and LINK Listings:  Daily monitoring, updating, and enhancing your listing are key to maximizing the eyeballs your property gets by other agents and potential buyers.  Selling your property through a great description, pictures, floorplans, etc. starts with the information in the listing services.

  • Broker Open House: Holding a broker open house and luncheon allows us to put your property on display for the brokerage community, so they can see first hand how well the property could work for their clients. 

  • Direct Mail/Email: We send out weekly updates for your listing to all agents in the area to keep your property top of mind.

The Home Selling Process

The first step in the home selling process is the actual decision to sell.  There are many unique emotional and financial reasons for selling your home, but there are also market elements that factor into your decision.  Market seasonality, market inventory vs. the rate of sales, your home’s current value, and the type and amount of mortgage you are carrying, are all considerations.  At CHARLESGATE, we help you to make the best decision.  During an initial consultation, we take into account all of your personal needs and compare them with what is happening in the market at that time.

Setting the appropriate price for your property is  the most important factor in selling your home to achieve  maximum value within a reasonable marketing period.  We create a comparable market analysis for your home  using data from similar properties sold in the last 3, 6 or 12 months, to develop trend patterns and create a value range for your property.  This includes facts and information such as days on market, absorption rate, tax valuations and average and median prices for the market as a whole.

After establishing a firm price range for your property, the next step is to establish your selling price.  This is dependent on how quickly you need to sell and the number of comparable homes on the market.  The more aggressive the price is set to market, the more difficult it will be to sell your property. 

Preparing your home for sale is the second most important factor in maximizing the sale price.  There are two stages of preparation to create a buying atmosphere. 

Getting it ready for market: This involves making any necessary repairs or upgrades to your home.  We recommend conducting a thorough home inspection to determine if there are any structural repairs needed (the roof, HVAC system and foundation are hot spots for buyers).  Next, make any necessary cosmetic repairs or changes.  Consulting with a real estate agent is helpful at this stage to determine which upgrades are worth the money 

Getting it ready for showing: Once your home is on the market, it is vital to keep it ready for showings at any time.  First impressions are key to attracting interest and offers from buyers.  Reduce clutter and keep your home as  clean and neat as possible to be ready for showings on short notice.

The next step in the process is the marketing period for your home.  The goal is to maximize the exposure your property gets to potential buyers.  Because each property is unique, we craft a customized marketing plan for each home.

During the marketing period, you will receive an offer for your property.   Offers will be drafted by the potential buyer (or their agent or attorney) and negotiations begin, typically lasting 24-48 hours.  An offer is not just about price.  Other variables to consider are:

  • Contingencies ( a home inspection clause, mortgage clause, etc.): Give the buyer the right to back out of the deal dependent on certain conditions up to a specified date.
  • Earnest money deposit (typically $1000 in the Boston area):  A larger deposit can indicate a more serious and capable buyer or vice versa.
  • Time frame: How long you have to respond to an offer from a buyer.
  • Closing date: The date when the transfer of the property takes place.
  • Down payment: A larger sum of money for a down payment usually means a well-qualified buyer.

The above terms can make a big difference to your bottom line, and ensure the buyers are qualified and ready to proceed with the purchase. 

Between the offer and the P&S Agreement, there is usually a 10-14 day period during which the buyer will complete a home inspection and review any other records specified in the offer.  During this period, the P&S will be drafted by your attorney (although it is not required, we recommend hiring a real estate attorney to write the P&S Agreement).  This document spells out the terms of the sale of your home.  There may be some re-negotiation of terms and conditions set forth in the offer, especially if problems are discovered during the home inspection. 

At the closing, the title transfers hands from seller to buyer and the escrow monies are distributed. The closing is typically scheduled 45-60 days from the date of the offer.   During the period between the P&S and closing, legal documents must be obtained by the seller (or agent representing the seller) in order to comply with state regulations including, Smoke Detector Certificate, 6D Certificate (for condos), Title V Certificate (for septic systems) and an Insurance Binder. The closing attorney will prepare a settlement statement (also known as a HUD), detailing the money changing hands, for review a day or two before closing.  Many closings take place at the local Registry of Deeds, or at the broker or attorney’s office and last approximately an hour.  Once finished, you receive the proceeds from the sale and the sale is complete.

Typically taking 1-3 days, you submit your offer to purchase and negotiate with the sellers all the nitty-gritty contract details.

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