Discover the power of video marketing in real estate.

Using Video Marketing in Real Estate: 5 Things To Remember

Video content has become a fundamental element for engaging online consumers. Studies reveal that viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in video format. 

In real estate, videos offer an immersive experience for showcasing properties, educating buyers on the market, and more. At CHARLESGATE, we leverage the power of video to generate demand for newly listed properties in the market. Here, we share five invaluable lessons we've gleaned from incorporating video into our marketing strategy.

1. Understand Your Audience

Before diving into video marketing, it's crucial to understand your reasoning. Begin by asking yourself, "Why do I want to incorporate video into my marketing strategy?" By uncovering the underlying purpose, you can craft content that is centered around a goal. Next, analyze your target audience. What matters to them? How can video effectively showcase solutions to their problems? By weaving a narrative around their pain points and desires, you can leverage video to demonstrate, rather than simply tell, how your product or service offers the optimal solutions.

2. Use Storytelling 

Whether you're showcasing a new property or educating your audience with a market update, it's crucial to weave in the elements of storytelling. The process can be simplified by 1. Knowing your audience 2. Defining your core message, and 3. Deciding the type of story you want to tell. While this may seem daunting initially, utilizing a storyboard and script can simplify the process, making it more accessible and effective.

3. Invest in the Right Technology 

The quality of your videos heavily depends on the equipment you choose. We highly recommend using professional-grade tools and software to ensure that your videos shine in a crowded market. Whether your videos are created in-house or by external talent, it's crucial to invest in good cameras, microphones, lighting, and post-production editing. The final outcome of your video will directly reflect your brand and reputation.

4. Have a Distribution Plan

Video-centric platforms like TikTok and Instagram have revolutionized the way we consume content, with a strong emphasis on videos. Users who consistently share videos on these platforms are witnessing a surge in engagement and skyrocketing view counts. Additionally, leveraging YouTube, the world's second-largest search engine, can further amplify your reach. Regardless of the platform you choose, it is crucial to tailor your videos to meet specific criteria such as length and orientation. To simplify and optimize your video content distribution, consider utilizing social media scheduling tools.

5. Measure the Success of Your Videos

Evaluating the performance of your video marketing campaigns is key to understanding their impact. At CHARLESGATE, we track metrics such as views, shares, and engagement to gauge the success of our various videos. This data-driven approach allows us to refine their strategies and create even more compelling video content in the future.

By creating high-quality videos that resonate with your audience and strategically distributing them across the right channels, you can reap the rewards of increased engagement and higher conversion rates with your buyers, sellers or renters. 


At CHARLESGATE, we know marketing. Our services are tailored to each client, adapting to market and technology trends to ensure a quicker sell-out. 

We can help you:

  • Mitigate market timing risks and reduce overall development costs with a powerful marketing strategy.
  • Introduce projects to the market through creative design and branding strategies
  • Increase buyer demand through a comprehensive lead nurturing process, encompassing both automated and personal touchpoints.

CHARLESGATE is committed to helping you make informed decisions, whether you are an investor or developer. Contact us today to discuss your development needs and let us be your partner in achieving your goals in this evolving market.


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