Bremen 282: A Remarkable Success Story in Early Leasing

Bremen 282: A Remarkable Success Story in Early Leasing

In the heart of East Boston, a new residential development is making waves long before its completion. Bremen 282, a multi-family lease-up project managed by CHARLESGATE, has set a new standard for pre-construction leasing with its innovative approach and early success.

Despite facing the challenge of leasing apartments in a historically slower winter market, the team behind Bremen 282 has not only risen to the occasion but exceeded expectations. With a vision to create a modern and luxurious living experience, the project has already garnered significant interest from prospective renters.

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The results speak for themselves. Despite not having a model unit yet available for viewing, Bremen 282 has managed to secure an impressive 20 leases within the first 30 days of leasing during the challenging winter market. This early leasing success is a testament to the forward-thinking operational structure of our fully integrated leasing and marketing strategy. 

One of the key strategies employed by the team was an early site activation to attract potential renters. This involved installing fence scrim with property-specific branding and building signage on the exterior of the construction site. This drove leads to a landing page created by our branding and marketing partner, Authentic.  The landing page effectively conveyed the project's vision and instilled trust in potential renters. By showcasing the unique features and amenities of the development, the team was able to generate excitement and anticipation among prospective residents.

“Bremen 282 is a thoughtfully designed community that integrates into East Boston seamlessly. Transom’s attention to detail in design and willingness to invest in something that will make a statement and elevate the community has been well-received by residents looking to move into a boutique, condo-quality building with well-planned amenities and a building location that connects seamlessly with the neighborhood.” - Jared Clement, Director of Leasing at CHARLESGATE


View 1 - Exterior - D02Visual depiction of Bremen 282's exterior in the vibrant neighborhood of East Boston.

With 139 total units, including 115 market-rate units, Bremen 282 is set to become a landmark in East Boston’s residential landscape. The project distinguishes itself from neighboring buildings by offering two rooftop decks, a resident-exclusive gym, and an exclusive artist residency initiative to support local talents who will reside and create at Bremen 282.

CHARLESGATE and Authentic's distinctive branding and compelling vision for the building deeply connected with renters in East Boston, significantly contributing to the successful start of leasing of Bremen 282. As the project is scheduled for completion by June 1, 2024, it is poised to become the sought-after destination for those seeking a modern and vibrant urban living experience.

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