5 Reasons To Buy A One-Plus Condominium

5 Reasons To Buy A One-Plus Condominium

Space. We're all looking for a bit more space these days. When it comes to your home, you may have felt the walls of your studio or one-bedroom closing in on you over the past 18+ months. But, while you would like more space, maybe you're not fully ready to commit to the two-bedroom lifestyle and all that comes with it [read: increased cost]. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get a little more square footage, without too much additional investment? That's where one-plus bedrooms come into play. They offer the space you need at a price you love. When it comes to a one-plus home, the sky is the limit. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider buying one of these ultra-flexible condominiums.

1. So Much Room For Activities

Love to cook? Consider your one-plus a private dining room where you can entertain your friends and family. Big on music? Set up some soundproofing and you've got a private studio. Quarantine turn you into a home fitness aficionado? We don't have to tell you twice that your one-plus is a perfect spot for all that exercise equipment you've accumulated. Streaming non-stop? Set up a projector and your one-plus is the ultimate home theater. No matter what you're into or where your passions lie, a one-plus residence gives you more space to do what you love. The sky is the limit. What will you turn your space into?

2. Investing In You

You're not the only one who can completely customize a one-plus residence. When the time comes for you to upgrade to a two or three-bedroom home, your one-plus condominium will give you a great financial boost. The need for space and even just a simple home office isn't going to go away anytime soon. For most of us, working remote is the new norm. Having a place to do that from will be a key selling point; one that's built right into your one-plus.

3. Ample Amenities

DSC04217Oftentimes one-plus bedroom homes are nestled in buildings with fantastic amenities. Take Gallery Residences at Arthaus, for example. These boutique condominiums in Allston are show stoppers. Not only do you have the joy of living in a building with only 8 other neighbors, you have access to an array of amenities located directly next door. We're talking two different sun decks, a fitness center with Peloton and high-end equipment, workshare lounges, and more. Leave the drama of having a gym right above your unit elsewhere and take advantage of more space with less stress in a building like this.

4. The Wave Of The Future

At CHARLESGATE, we market and sell a lot of new development projects in the Greater Boston area. A lot. One trend we've seen is a shift towards these one-plus layouts. Take it from our team, this floor plan is the wave of the future.

"One plus residences are a perfect compliment to an individual's unique needs. They no longer need to sacrifice what's most important to them over a financial investment. They can invest in themselves by investing in the most desirable floor plan in residential real estate today. This is where Boston real estate is trending."

Joe Laurano, Director of New Development Sales

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Ready to get in on a one-plus home? We've got you covered. Start at Gallery Residences at Arthaus. We have one-plus condominiums starting at $735,000. Check out the floor plans and contact our sales agent Christina to get even more insight. There are just three left in the building...time to show us what your one-plus can be.

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