Agent Spotlight: Alexandra Marcello Celebrates One Year at CHARLESGATE

Agent Spotlight: Alexandra Marcello Celebrates One Year at CHARLESGATE


Like many of our agents, Alexandra Marcello came to CHARLESGATE with hopes of building her real estate portfolio, expanding her industry knowledge, and being part of a company that prioritizes culture and connection every day. One year later, she has been able to accomplish all of this and more.

We are so thrilled to congratulate Alexandra Marcello on her One Year Anniversary at CHARLESGATE. Read on to hear a little bit more about her first year on the team.

A Quick Chat with Alexandra!


What do you like most about working at CHARLESGATE?

Definitely the culture. I started my career here just as COVID-19 was starting, so a 'quarantine way of life' is all I have known in real estate. Even though this year forced CHARLESGATE to make huge adjustments to company operations, I never once felt that I was alone. I was made to feel at home, supported and given incredible training that helped me feel ready to take on what could have been a challenging year.


What is something that you have learned during this past year at CHARLESGATE?

So much!! I started as a blank canvas in the industry and I was really given all of the tools I needed to succeed. If I had to highlight one thing, it would be not to wear high heels on a construction site. Kidding, kind of!


Looking forward, what are you most excited about accomplishing during this next year at CHARLESGATE? In what ways do you expect to grow?
This year, I am most excited to continue growing my skills. I hope to learn more about the sales side of real estate. I am looking forward to helping more awesome people find a place to call home, whether that is an apartment or mansion!


What is your favorite part of CHARLESGATE company culture?

Working with my best friend, Kylie McCoy, makes every day at work feel fun! Everyone has been super welcoming and encouraging at CHARLESGATE. I really feel like that at any point in time if I needed help with something, there is someone I can call (here’s lookin’ at you, Todd Mikelonis!).


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