CHARLESGATE Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary with BostonView Apartments

CHARLESGATE Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary with BostonView Apartments

Join us in celebrating 5 years of property management at BostonView Apartments!

We are so thrilled to be celebrating 5 years of helping to steward the community at BostonView! Led by our Senior Property Manager, Sean McEvoy, our on-site management team at BostonView has dramatically improved the resident experience at this multifamily community in downtown Boston. 14 Sean McEvoy@2x

Initially completed in 1966, BostonView is a multifamily property home to 145 apartments and a diverse, tightly-knit community of residents in Beacon Hill. In 2016, CHARLESGATE was hired to manage the property and help bring a higher level of service and hospitality to the residents, as well as plan and oversee necessary structural improvements and upgrades to amenity spaces.

"Working with the team at CHARLESGATE has been not only seamless, professional and cooperative it has been a unique collaboration of blending mission with asset management. Their communication, negotiating skills, customer service and market expertise are shared with a superior expectation in every way on every level from the bookkeeping, leasing team, property manager to the senior leadership/partners." - Jen Whitmore, Chair of the Board, BostonView Corporation. 

Under the leadership of Sean, our team has made themselves indistinguishable from the community of BostonView, getting to know each resident by name and remaining personable and open to helping tenants over the years with a hospitality-first mindset:

"The residents and their happiness and satisfaction with their home is our top priority", says Sean. "Ways that we can go above and beyond in any circumstance is what we strive for. From Joseph feeding residents cats while they're away to bringing packages right to the resident's apartment; it’s the little things we can do to help."

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While most of the staff taking care of BostonView has been a part of the team for more than 30 years, previous property management lacked Sean's personal approach to connecting with residents. Since CHARLESGATE began managing the property, staff and residents have had more opportunities to socialize together over the past five years to build a true sense of community. Rooftop events have become a staple part of the building's programming. The roof deck has been completely renovated and now offers residents a place to connect and enjoy some of the best views in Boston.

"We always get a great turnout from the residents," explains Sean. "We play cornhole, have great conversations and it really gives the residents a chance to meet their neighbors as well as all of the staff!"

In addition to Sean’s tremendous, personable work at BostonView, there have been improvements to the physical resident experience at this community as well. In 2020, new flooring was installed by management throughout the building and even more recently, two major renovation projects were completed to improve the resident's experience. What was once a management office made up of two apartments linked together is now a resident lounge, a fitness center with two bathrooms, and the management office.

"The residents are thrilled to have a common space indoors that they can utilize, especially the fitness center," says Sean.


We are so excited to share the great work done at BostonView, and the recent construction improvements to this community as well. It's a testament to the hospitality-first mindset of our entire team. We're not focused just on what we say or do for residents, but on how it makes them feel. Take it from the residents themselves, BostonView isn't just a fantastic place to live, it's a great community to be part of.

"Located right in Beacon Hill, I love this quaint apartment complex. You'll quickly feel like part of the neighborhood. Staff is always friendly and helpful, but most importantly that roof deck is the best view in the city! Love the updates and can't wait to spend more time up there." - Caitlin Milley, Resident.


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If you're looking for ways to improve your resident experience, learn more about our multifamily property management services and see the CHARLESGATE difference.

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