Realtor Jeff Sirkis Celebrates 10 Years at CHARLESGATE

Realtor Jeff Sirkis Celebrates 10 Years at CHARLESGATE

It's our delight to welcome Jeff Sirkis to the 10 Year Club at CHARLESGATE. After beginning his career in real estate at a couple of other firms and having worked on-site sales at new developments, he joined CHARLESGATE. A decade of incredible client-focused service and growth has led him to become one of our top-producing real estate agents, earning him a Charlesgate Circle of Excellence Platinum award multiple times, and also completing successful sellouts at The Aberdeen and The Saybrook condo development projects in recent years.

Jeff has made himself an integral part of the team, defining himself as a leader and accomplishing stellar sales goals over the past decade. He is a friendly and welcoming person, always willing to work hard and help clients and teammates alike, exemplifying the best parts of the culture at CHARLESGATE.

Read on to learn more about Jeff, directly from the man himself. 

What do you like most about working at CHARLESGATE?

The people I work with and the fact that our organization can handle all of our client's real estate needs with a comprehensive set of real estate services.


What is something that you have learned during your time as an agent over the past 10+ years?

I have learned how to be an even better "team player."


Looking forward, what are you most excited about accomplishing during this next year? In what ways do you expect to grow?

I am starting sales as the lead on-site salesperson at the 50 Leo condo development and will be having my most productive year yet!


What is one thing you wish you knew before starting at CHARLESGATE?

I wish I knew how much the company was going to grow and be successful. I would have tried to get a job here sooner!


What is your favorite part of CHARLESGATE company culture?

The company operates as a team, and everyone is willing to help one another.


If you want to talk Boston Real Estate, reach out to Jeff!


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