The Importance Of Picking The Right Partner For Your Renovation Project

The Importance Of Picking The Right Partner For Your Renovation Project

Empty shelves. Price hikes. Long delays on expected deliveries.  As consumers, we’ve become accustomed to the supply chain issues that COVID-19 has caused.  But it’s not just a battle for bleach wipes out there.  Contractors in every trade from masonry, plumbing, electrical to carpentry are also feeling the pressure of low or overpriced inventory to complete renovation and improvement work in the Boston area.  

With record-breaking sales becoming the norm and one of the hottest markets in recent memory, buyers and sellers have been clamoring to take advantage. Renovation projects in particular have soared in popularity as folks spend significantly more time at home and sellers look for ways to maximize their home's sale price.  Elective home improvement renovation aside, Condo Associations and Multi- family owners must continue to maintain their building envelope and avoid damage to the building interior.  Some projects simply can’t wait. 

On the surface, it may seem impossible to take on major renovation work. However, for CHARLESGATE clients, that couldn't be further from the truth. Specializing in restoration, remodeling, and construction consulting, our Special Projects team has been actively completing restoration and improvement projects throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic working closely with our preferred contractor partners 

Most recently, our team successfully completed the partial replacement of an entryway staircase following over 30 years of use. This essential fix wasn't something that could wait.

"Since its original construction in 1985, the staircase had received many concrete patches. It was recently observed that the patches had spalled and created a safety liability. The Board of Trustees asked us to assist with carrying out a project that would provide a long-term useful life of the existing structure without replacing it entirely." - Rob Leavell, Project Manager.


Concerned with supply chain issues and cost, the condominium association client reached out to our Special Projects team to gain insight on what was realistic for the project. Our team assured the client that the project was doable, and that material shortages would not impact the delivery date.

Fast forward to the initial stage of work, the Special Projects Team did encounter roadblocks with supply chain issues when attempting to provide an alternative path for residents to enter and exit the building during the renovation:

"The initial plan [for the temporary egress] was to build a  staircase of wood or scaffolding." Leavell said. "However, the supply chain’s long lead times and material shortages prevented the Special Projects Team from carrying out the plan with either of these material options and they were faced with the potential of significant delays at the beginning of the project."


Through quick troubleshooting and prompt communication, our Special Projects Team coordinated with the mason to review alternative options for a temporary egress.

After evaluating material availability and discussing potential solutions, the Special Projects Team determined that installing granite treads and risers would eliminate the need for temporary stairs and would not increase the cost of the project. In addition to keeping the project on schedule, installing the granite allowed for a higher quality finish with lower long-term maintenance costs to our client.

CHARLESGATE is thrilled with the delivery of the finished product within one week of the scheduled date. The new finish provides a safe form of passage for building residents and guests and minimal long-term maintenance needs that equate to dollars saved over the life of the staircase.

The client was pleased with the renovation work of the Special Projects Team, who provided a superior product at the right price, during a time in which supply chain issues are a very real threat to renovation projects. 

“Thanks for all your diligent work! I'm very happy with the CHARLESGATE's Special Projects Team!” One Trustee said. “You all made the special assessment work run smoothly, and I really appreciate the prompt and professional updates all the way through beginning to end.” 

About Our Special Projects Team

At CHARLESGATE, our Special Projects Team specializes in restoration, remodeling, and construction consulting. Our client-focused approach and extensive experience in real estate and construction set us apart from other contractors in the Boston area. Our experts uncomplicate the construction process for our clients and deliver quality projects—on time and within budget.

Looking for a team to seamlessly and professionally handle your renovation project? Reach out to our Special Projects Team today!


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