In this episode of Empowered Returns, we are joined by Eric DiNicola, Managing Principal at Winterspring Capital for a discussion on various aspects of real estate development in Boston. 

Eric shares invaluable insights into the intricacies of real estate development gained from his experience at Winterspring Capital. He sheds light on a range of issues such as the funding challenges associated with condo projects as well as the nuances in how lenders and contractors perceive larger versus smaller endeavors. His expertise provides a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in the industry.

Join hosts P.T. Vineburgh and Michael DiMella as they delve into the real estate market's evolution across diverse geographies. Candidly revealing their insights on effective deal-making and creating investment returns, the duo also shares their typical hold period for multi-family projects. In summary, the episode dispenses valuable knowledge on the present-day challenges and opportunities in real estate development.

Hosted by Michael DiMella & P.T. Vineburgh.

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