Join us on the next episode of Empowered Returns as we sit down with Mike Procopio, CEO of the Procopio Companies. In this episode, we'll delve into Procopio's transition from single-family to multifamily development and institutional-sized deals in the Greater Boston real estate market. Discover the keys to their success and how they leveraged it to gain access to institutional capital and partners.

Throughout our conversation, Procopio emphasizes the importance of aligning expectations, accountabilities, and goal setting within a framework, and shares how his company's success in the market has led to significant growth. While continuing to build boutique multi-family projects, we'll also explore their strategy for entering new markets, with a focus on Raleigh, North Carolina.

Beyond his insights on the real estate market, Procopio candidly discusses the challenges of dealing with interest rate expansions that affect development programs, as well as the importance of fostering a positive company culture to align expectations and accountabilities.

Hosted by P.T. Vineburgh.

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