Kaileen S

Kaileen Sanner

Real Estate Agent

Prospective clients always ask, "What areas do you specialize in? Do you only work in the Boston market?”  The short answer is no, but not for the reason you might think.

Dorchester, South Boston, Quincy, Abington, Jamaica Plain, Saugus, Medford, Topsfield, Whitman, Bourne. This is a short list of the towns and cities in which I have represented buyers or sellers as a Realtor in the past few years.

The real answer regarding my areas of expertise is, I don't "specialize" in any particular area. I specialize in PEOPLE. I specialize in client experience and managing the buying or selling process with integrity and fluidity. And I am good at it. Really good, but it's not because I know each of these markets like the back of my hand. It's because I put in the work to become an expert in my clients' needs.

When you work with me, I become an expert in YOU and your needs and desires as a home buyer or seller. I get to know you, your family, your likes and dislikes and I put in the work. Hard work.

You don't need to be an expert in one area to be an excellent Realtor. You need intelligence, the ability to do market research, to make connections with people in various sectors and you need to be dedicated to the entire process as a guide, mentor and expert from start to finish - and beyond. You need compassion, patience and a genuine interest in your clients' best interests.

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