Frequently Asked Questions

Save time and get answers to the most common property management questions.

1 Who do I call for general questions?

You should reach out to your property manager. It is always best to submit a work order through our online portal so that our team is able to respond in the quickest and most efficient manner.

2 Who do I call for maintenance questions?

You should reach out to your property manager. It is always best to submit a work order through our online portal so that our team is able to respond in the quickest and most efficient manner.

3 I can't get in touch with my property manager? Who do I call?

You should submit a work order. It is possible they are out of the office or dealing with an emergency. We always suggest to submit a work order as they are monitored by our team and we will be sure to follow up as soon as possible.

4 How soon can your company start managing my property?

We typically need a minimum of two to four weeks from signing the contract but of course, we are here to help and in a pinch, we can onboard new properties very quickly.

5 What is your management fee?

This varies depending on the type of property. We manage everything from individual units to high rise buildings. The pricing structure varies greatly depending on the size and needs of the property. We also like to be flexible for client needs and structure our contracts to reflect that.

6 Do you manage properties outside of the Greater Boston Area?

If outside the Greater Boston Area, we'd need to know the building size and needs and would need to discuss with the management team.

7 If it's in the wall why am I still be expected to pay for repair?

The condo docs specify that something is no longer common as soon as it services only one unit, regardless of whether it is behind a wall.

8 What is the charge for maintenance work?

$75 per hour plus the cost of materials.

9 How do I request a 6d or condo questionnaire?

Click here to request a 6d condo questionnaire.

10 How do I contest a charge?

Please email your property manager with the invoice you are contesting and the reason why.

11 Why won't you coordinate maintenance work inside my unit unless you manage the unit?

We cannot authorize non-emergency changes/repairs/replacement/costs/etc on your behalf when we are not your authorized management representative.

12 Why did you let the last Board make a certain decision?

At any given time, the Association is run by the majority rule of the Board. We as managers offer out professional guidance, but all final decisions are up to the Board at that time.

13 Can you send me all maintenance requests from my tenants to me before you proceed with them?

This is not something we can commit to. We are hired to manage properties, and we are unable to effectively perform our work if we cannot do our job which is to manage the property. Generally, owners can have a threshold price to be notified of work. For example, anything over $500 would be submitted to the owner for review. However, anything below that we would resolve.

14 For after-hours emergencies at my property, am I notified?

Not in the moment. CHARLESGATE has a 24/7/365 emergency on-call service. When a call comes through our call center, it is dispatched to our on-call Property Manager who manages the situation and takes action if appropriate. The rate for our maintenance technicians after-hours is $112.50 per hour, however, 3rd party vendors are billed at their hourly cost if they are needed for a larger issue.

15 How much does it cost to send a CHARLESGATE maintenance technician out to my property?

During standard business hours, (9:00AM – 5:00PM) the rate is $75 per hour. If it is an emergency call that falls outside of those hours/on the weekend, the rate is $112.50 per hour. If specialized 3rd party vendors are required, they bill at their hourly rate.

16 Do I need to be involved with my tenants after hiring CHARLESGATE?

No! That’s what we’re here for. We act as the liaison between you and your tenants to free up time for you while we handle the day-to-day of running your property.

17 If my tenants notify me of a maintenance issue, what should I do?

If this happens, please send it over to your assigned Property Manager who will either: A) handle it if it’s a standard problem or B) collaborate with you on a solution if it’s a larger one. Tenants are strongly encouraged to submit maintenance requests through their online AppFolio portal as that is the fastest way to get it resolved by their Property Manager.

18 I have a larger-scale project that I want to do at my property. Can CHARLESGATE help me with that?

Absolutely! All of our Property Managers have experience and connections with all manners of contractors throughout the Greater Boston area. However, for any large-scale renovation projects, we also offer Revive Renovations, our in-house boutique-style construction firm specializing in restoration, remodeling, and construction consulting.

19 Does CHARLESGATE offer landscaping and/or snow removal services for properties?

Yes, we do! Rates differ depending on the size of the building, but we do offer both for any multifamily properties that you have us managing.


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