Tyler M

Tyler Maider

Real Estate Agent

Tyler Maider joined the team as a real estate agent in spring 2022. He has a background working in athletics, landscaping, and retail, all of which have helped him develop valuable skills for his new role on the Brokerage team at CHARLESGATE.

Tyler’s passion for real estate largely comes from his family background in the industry. Both of his parents, his grandmother, and his uncle worked in real estate,  “Growing up around it I was fascinated by it. Eventually, when I was older, I realized I was solely interested in working in the real estate industry.”

Being new to his role, Tyler was extremely selective when it came to choosing a brokerage, “I moved to CHARLESGATE because I thought they could provide me with a great foundation and over time help me become a great real estate agent. The community within the company is tight-knit and I always feel comfortable around anyone in the company. I think that makes us one of the most unique agencies in the Boston area.” Since his start, Tyler has already made tremendous strides with his business and with his real estate clients.

Tyler has an undergraduate degree from Springfield College and is originally from Seattle, Washington. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Boston, playing the guitar, and hanging out with friends. 

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