A Guide to Multifamily Property Management in Boston

A Guide to Multifamily Property Management in Boston

Multifamily property management is a challenging task to handle without professional help. It involves dealing with many different tenants and individual units, giving developers, investors, and owners dozens of duties to handle daily. On any given day, you might serve as much more than simply a landlord: supervisor, salesperson, facilitator, moderator, accountant, maintenance technician, and more are all within your daily scope of responsibility. All these tasks can be too much for one person, especially when dealing with various rental properties.

A multifamily property management company can help take over these roles on behalf of the real estate investor, developer, or property owner. It can delegate the duties to its many workers, giving you time to focus on things that matter, like expanding your portfolio or providing even better service to your residents.

Need a property management company in Boston? CHARLESGATE is a full-service, end-to-end real estate services agency offering flexible and valuable service for your multifamily housing units in the Greater Boston metro area and Eastern Massachusetts market.

Read on to learn more about multifamily property management and what it can do for you.

What Is Multifamily Property Management?

Multifamily property management is the daily oversight of multifamily properties such as residential, industrial, and commercial real estate by a third party. It focuses on making the apartment and leased condos a desirable home for residents.

Managing a multifamily property can be intimidating for a landlord. It involves dealing with multiple renters who may not get along, potential repairs, and a wide variety of other daily tasks that span several fields of discipline. Working with a multifamily property management company releases you from the day-to-day duties of managing your property and the pressure of being an expert in several fields, giving you peace of mind and your tenants the best possible “home” experience.

What Do Multifamily Property Management Companies Do?

The responsibilities of property management firms vary from one company and one client to another. Property owners also have different goals and needs for their investments, causing a difference in scope from building to building. But in general, some of the tasks a multifamily property management company can handle include:

Collecting Rent

A property manager sets a collection date and collects rent from residents on behalf of the property owner. They also enforce lease policies in case of late payments or failure to pay rent. 

Setting Rent Prices

Property managers are well-versed with local market pricing, allowing them to set a competitive price for available units. This attracts the right residents while keeping your property marketable, attractive, and competitive.

Resident Management

Resident management is one stressful part of operating a condo building. A property manager screens prospective residents, handles the negotiation process, answers late-night phone calls, and finds the right suitors to live in your homes.

When different personalities live together, conflicts happen. A property manager handles these situations, saving you from constant headaches.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance issues are one of the top reasons tenants leave. Whenever renters are experiencing clogged drains or leaky roofs, they call the property owner. The property management company handles every repair and maintenance using onsite maintenance experts or trusted contractors in the community.

Legal Concerns

Property management firms have extensive knowledge of local tenant and landlord laws, ensuring you operate legally. They protect property owners from litigation in case of eviction needs, such as non-paying renters, and can help prevent any violations of condo bylaws, housing laws, or tax issues, among other legal-related tasks.


Multifamily dwellings often have vacancies with tenants moving in and out of the units. A rental property management company does a rental analysis of the surrounding properties to determine the best price. They also advertise the property to get maximum exposure and fill vacant units with qualified tenants fast. At CHARLESGATE, marketing goes beyond simply advertising a vacancy – there’s far more nuance that goes into optimizing your building to ensure you’re maximizing the return on your investment. As your partner and market experts, this is an oft-overlooked area in which our work pays incredible dividends.


Property management firms also keep paperwork of all the properties they manage to help property owners track their expenses and profits. The paper trail also helps with legal needs and tax activities.

How Can a Multifamily Property Management Company Be Beneficial to a Real Estate Investor or Developer?

People hire property managers for various reasons. While some may lack time to self-manage their rental properties, others lack the expertise. Working with a property management company comes with numerous benefits. It makes your tasks more manageable and frees your time to find your next investment or just relax.

Property management decreases the vacancy rates in your property by filling the vacant units more quickly, thereby keeping your cash flow higher and reducing potential losses.

While self-management limits the location and number of rental properties you can own, property management companies remove all these limitations. You can buy and develop properties in various parts of the country or even different parts of the same region without worrying about daily management tasks.

Rental property management firms also benefit property owners who lack the time and expertise to handle the little details in multifamily dwellings. Spend your time looking at the big picture while your multifamily property management partners sweat the small stuff. Hiring the right property management company goes a long way.


Having a partner who knows the ins and outs of managing a multifamily property gives you peace of mind and creates a positive tenant experience. A property management company keeps your rental units well maintained, keeping your tenants satisfied while boosting your monthly rental income.

Need help managing your multifamily property? Look no further than CHARLESGATE property management as the company to take over the day-to-day running of your rental units and take the stress off your shoulders. Our local knowledge of Boston and surrounding areas allows us to operate efficiently, keeping tenants happy while generating steady and reliable cash flow. 

Ready to learn more about CHARLESGATE’s multifamily property management services? Reach out to us today to schedule a no-sweat consultation.

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