The Best Multifamily Property Management Companies in Greater Boston

The Best Multifamily Property Management Companies in Greater Boston

Hiring property management companies for multifamily and apartment buildings can make your life as a landlord or property owner far simpler. Multifamily property management companies are responsible for the day-to-day operations of your rental units, ensuring each property is run efficiently and safely. They are responsible for multiple duties such as advertising units, managing financial records for taxation, collecting rent, keeping up with all maintenance, and ensuring compliance with state and federal housing laws.

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Here’s a closer look at 10 of the best multifamily property management companies in Boston.

Advanced Property Management (APM)

Advanced Property Management is a local property management company in Boston that provides commercial and residential property services. Its head office is at 1226 Hyde Park, a strategic location that is easily accessible and allows its staff to visit and inspect their properties at any time. Advanced Property Management vigorously markets their available units on different platforms in pursuit of tenants. It offers emergency rental assistance programs to enable renters to sort out renting charges in case things go haywire. APM features round-the-clock maintenance response services.

Boston Green Property Management

Boston Green Property Management offers multiple property management solution services. The managers employ varied techniques to fetch tenants, including online advertisement and showcasing key features of their property. They perform thorough tenant screening, paying great attention to criminal, credit, and rental history to guarantee quality renters. Its team collects rent, does property inspection, financial reporting and on-time maintenance services to ensure tenants enjoy a comfortable stay while investors and developers enjoy the returns on their investment.

Boston Condominium Management

Boston Condominium Management manages individual condo units and associations. Its staff does a rigorous tenant screening before placement and enforcing leases. The team collects rent, deals with maintenance services like general repairs and emergencies, and makes financial reports. They practice risk control assessment to determine the potential profit or losses the properties will likely make and avail the data to the property owners online.


CHARLESGATE  is a full-service, end-to-end property management company that manages a portfolio of multifamily and homeowner association properties, including historic, refurbished multifamily residences and a bevy of new development projects. They do extensive tenant screening to check renting history, court records, credit, employment details, background information, and proof of income before placement. Its managers enforce lease agreements, collect rent, organize 24/7 maintenance services, and prepare monthly financial reports on behalf of the property owners.

Beyond property management, CHARLESGATE is a leading brokerage company in and around the city of Boston, and is a preferred strategic sales and marketing partner for the real estate community. Given the breadth of its services and depth of its knowledge and expertise, CHARLESGATE is a one-stop-shop for real estate services with the care of a small boutique agency and the leverage and capability of a national firm.

Brigs, LLC

Brigs, LLC mostly manages condos and apartment buildings. It encompasses a large management team that offers specialized and personalized maintenance services for more than 14,000 commercial and residential properties in its portfolio. Its managers handle almost everything in the properties, including unit marketing, rent collection, developing preventive maintenance programs, and setting property regulations. Brigs, LLC has professional regional vendors and an in-house team skilled in handling repairs to the property upon tenants' request.


Bungalow specifically manages fully furnished properties within a community of well-connected residents. Its in-house team performs regular maintenance and cleaning services.

Bungalow also provides flexible leasing and targets clients who are transferring locations. One of its primary objectives is to build a close-knit community of tenants or residents with similar interests or needs by matching the incoming residents with the neighborhood that align with their preferences. This property management company has appeared in LinkedIn's top 50 startups with the best co-living network in 2020.

District Property Management

District Property Management is a property management company that is fully insured and serves Boston's investors. It offers them monthly financial reports that specify income and expenses. District Property Management managers advertise available units across multiple platforms to fill the available spaces as soon as possible to attract more returns. They thoroughly screen tenants to determine their credit status, income, background, and rental history before accepting their application. The staff also inspects the conditions of the properties before the prospects move in and after move-outs for possible repairs and maintenance done by regional expert vendors.

First Realty Management

First Realty Management manages both commercial and residential features. Its managers strive to provide an excellent and comfortable environment to the tenants by incorporating resident programs that address the day-to-day challenges they are likely to experience. Whether managing townhomes, condominiums, or high-rises, First Realty Management advertises luxury and affordable units to help owners attain their projected financial goals. It also offers other vital services, such as accounting and bookkeeping, to give owners a heads-up on their income and expenditure. This property management company is accredited by the Institute of Real Estate Management to offer all property management services across the country.

GB Property Management Group

With over 17 years in the industry, GB Property Management Group has vast experience serving property owners in Boston and its neighborhoods. It manages apartments, condos, single and multifamily homes, and commercial buildings. Its managers market available units, handle tenant screening, prepare leases, place them in their most suitable locations, and collect rents. GB Property Management Group organizes maintenance and repairs before and after the placement and during emergencies.

Fitzpatrick Property Management

Fitzpatrick Property Management has real estate, accounting, maintenance, and construction professionals who manage more than 100 apartment buildings and condos around South Boston. It has a comprehensive leasing program that matches renters to specific units after a thorough screening to verify their rental history, credit details, and employment status. Its managers also schedule regular maintenance and repair services and ensure compliance with legal issues like evictions.


Are you a property owner looking to lessen the hassles involved in the property management within Boston? CHARLESGATE is a real estate services company that empowers investors and developers throughout Eastern Massachusetts and its neighboring communities with a comprehensive suite of services across residential and multifamily commercial real estate. Contact us today to learn more.

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