CHARLESGATE Agents Set The Stage for 2022 With Tom Ferry Training

CHARLESGATE Agents Set The Stage for 2022 With Tom Ferry Training

At CHARLESGATE we pride ourselves on our culture. A key part of our culture is providing opportunities for continuing education to our entire team. Recently, several members of our Brokerage Team met in the office for two full days of real estate agent training. The training was hosted by top Real Estate Coach, Tom Ferry, as he guided us through our "Blueprint for 2022."

The two days were packed full of great information and provided clear action items for a fantastic, out-of-the-gate, new year for our CHARLESGATE agents. You could feel the excitement as the team shared ideas back and forth.

As the Brokerage Sales Manager at CHARLESGATE, I organized this training and was actively texting and emailing resources to our agents throughout the event; providing tools that I knew would help with implementation. We had such a great couple of days with the Tom Ferry Blueprint Business Plan training for 2022. It was overwhelming how much useful information was shared.

"Susan Doig has a genuine desire to help CHARLESGATE Agents be successful. She is always offering seminars and training to help agents learn and grow. My favorite was a two-day Tom Ferry training she put together recently. The training taught helpful digital marketing tips, how to develop a personal brand, and how to create a business plan while tapping into our sphere of influence. From this training I feel I have the tools and the drive to be a better agent in 2022." - Jessica Jaklistch, Senior Sales Manager


A Few Key Takeaways from the Training:

  • Building your free Google Business Page is highly recommended for all agents.
  • Add client reviews, informative content, and your current listings to your page to help consumers/potential clients can find you online.
  • "Video" and "reviews" were the most repeated words throughout the training.
  • Any authentic content you can create on your own is definitely part of the equation and something we should discuss more.

This training provided an incredible amount of information in a short period of time. Following the event, I asked each agent to choose one thing they learned and make a very detailed marketing plan on how they will implement it in 2022.  I always encourage agents to "start small and build on the plan". As always, I concluded the training by reminding agents that I am happy to review plans and help with accountability going forward. As usual with any event where the entire CHARLESGATE team has an opportunity to get together, there were a lot of laughs and I am reminded of why I love what I do!

2"[The training] provided simple but effective guidelines and structure to guarantee success. Nothing in the program has seemed unreachable or impossible to do; it's just a matter of taking the small steps that eventually lead to big results." - Gabby Bednarek, Real Estate Agent



Next up is the Buffini 100 Days to Greatness. This program teaches agents the power of working by referral. There will be a lot of discussion on the importance of making contact with your database, so this is one built-in item we have already focused on implementing during our discussions.


The Agent Experience at CHARLESGATE

At CHARLESGATE, we prioritize finding new ways to empower our agents to grow personally and professionally on a daily basis. Led by our Brokerage Sales Manager, Susan Doig, our brokerage team has access to extensive support, personalized coaching, and the right tools and services to help them achieve their full potential. With deep, local roots and a sophisticated presence as a recognized Boston-based brand, CHARLESGATE has designed an unmatched agent experience.


Interested in learning more about the types of training and support provided to CHARLESGATE Agents? Reach out to Susan Doig for more information about the Agent Experience at CHARLESGATE. 

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