Brighton's Boston Landing Has 'Acted as a Catalyst'

Brighton's Boston Landing Has 'Acted as a Catalyst'


Boston’s Brighton neighborhood is rapidly expanding into a booming economic driver and one of the most popular places to live in Boston, anchored by the new Boston Landing development and several new development residences, such as The Link 100 from Winterspring Capital.

Recently, CHARLESGATE Director of New Development Sales Joe Laurano spoke with Winterspring Director of Investments Kyle Staal about the emerging Brighton neighborhood and its real estate market. Both agreed: Boston Landing is driving a transformation in Brighton.

“What I think Boston Landing has really brought (is) a wider focus to the area,” Laurano said. “In addition to jobs produced and all the fabulous amenities offered, its visual impact is immeasurable – like hundreds of thousands of people travel past it in cars on the Mass Pike each day. So I have to think that people are impacted by Boston Landing's architecture on some level. In essence, I think the development has really brought the whole area to life. It's really acted as a catalyst for the expansion of Boston's urban core.”

For more information on Brighton’s booming market, Boston Landing, and the 100 Lincoln Street project from Winterspring, check out the full interview above.

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