What Does 'Culture' Really Mean, Anyway?

What Does 'Culture' Really Mean, Anyway?

As the Brokerage Sales Manager at CHARLESGATE, I am on a constant quest to better understand the impact and meaning of Culture. We have a great culture, but what exactly does that mean? This is not the full story, but sometimes I have wonderful moments of clarity and insight.

Recently, we were invited to and attended a visit to a new development site. One of the perks of working for a company that specializes in new development real estate is that we are often lucky enough to preview new properties prior to going on the market.

Nine of us, including CHARLESGATE owners Michael DiMella and P.T. Vineburgh, toured this property, hard hats on and cell cameras in hand. One part of the property included a church with an amazing mural. Its sister property – complete with the shared roof deck – was also a “wow.” 

But the best part of this day for me occurred after the tour. We were invited by the listing agent to a local Mexican restaurant for appetizers and drinks. Not one to miss a photo opportunity, I captured a group photo. The agents started telling me to get into it, so I turned the phone around and added part of myself into the second shot. 

I realized, looking at these agents, the pride I felt. They showed up with smiles and great attitudes, and added constructive questions regarding the property. What hit me the most was the way they were interacting with each other and me. We had two agents in the group that had recently joined CHARLESGATE and they were pulled immediately into the fold. Not all of our agents were able to attend the tour, but I knew that I could add any of the missing agents into the group with the same welcoming outcome. 

As part of our messaging, we state we want good people who are committed to their craft and to their clients. We want skilled agents who are enthusiastic about growing their careers. Is it really that simple? Do we begin to create CULTURE by simply hiring nice people that want to work hard?

In looking around the room, I also realized the opportunities we are able to afford our agents on top of all the training and tools in general brokerage. Several of these agents are on new development leasing projects, one had been on a sales development project, and my two newest agents had – within a few short weeks of joining – attended two company trainings, a one-on-one training on using our tools, and a new development site visit – and each has hosted an open house assisting other agents, and has met and chatted with our owners. 

I know I do not have the full answer to what makes great culture, but I – and by extension, CHARLESGATE – am definitely on to something.

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