The Real Estate Brokerage Model Is Broken.

The Real Estate Brokerage Model Is Broken.

The real estate brokerage model is broken.

There are three options:
#1: The large, soulless corporate or franchise system with competing agents all selling the same “value proposition” to clients, or worse, agents just end up just getting lost in the shuffle.

#2: Small "mom & pop" shops that may mean really well, but simply do not have the scale, the experience, or the expertise to impact agents in a meaningful way.

#3: Firms solely focused on growing "their" agent count by buying agents and offering unsustainably high commission splits. Without the ability to reinvest in the business and the agents, they become a shell with a collection of unhappy agents running around without any help or support.

None of these is good.

Real estate has changed. The world has changed. Consumers demand better and agents deserve better.

"Tech" is not the answer.

At CHARLESGATE, we’re breaking down boundaries to design a better real estate experience for our team, our clients, and our local communities.

We believe in the pursuit of innovation. We believe in challenging the status quo. But we’re the farthest thing from a “tech” company. We are people who serve people: relationships first, guided in our pursuit of excellence and grounded in our local communities. We serve with only one intention -- to deliver the very best experience for our clients across the housing market.

Our real estate agents are empowered by a team-based culture to produce remarkable results, with forward-thinking coaching, support, and tools, and an integrated array of home services that make it easy to serve clients for all their housing needs.

CHARLESGATE is so much more than a brokerage.

But we're NOT for every agent, and we don't want just anybody on the team. We're looking for the team players who lean into support, culture, and process to make an impact. And we're looking for them to not just join our team, but stay here for the long haul.

If you're a forward-thinking agent who knows there is a better way, but hasn't found it yet, reach out to me, or our Brokerage Sales Manager, Susan Doig, on LinkedIn. 

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