Agent Matt Giangregorio Celebrates 10 Years at CHARLESGATE

Agent Matt Giangregorio Celebrates 10 Years at CHARLESGATE

We are so excited to celebrate Matt Giangregorio's 10-year anniversary! It's hard to believe that he began his real estate career over a decade ago! Matt hit the ground running and quickly developed into one of our top producing agents.

Matt is known as one of the hardest-working agents in the real estate business, a 24/7 agent who has expertly assisted his clients in reaching their goals time and again. A multiple time recipient of the "Charlesgate Circle of Excellence Award," he also earned the "New Development Leadership Award" by leading sales for projects like The Saybrook in Brighton and The Pacer and Mira in East Boston.

Matt is a vibrant part of our culture at Charlesgate, becoming a good friend to all of us and a role-model to new and experienced agents alike.

Read on to hear from him, so to speak, in his own words below.

What is your favorite neighborhood to sell in, and why?

I don’t think I could choose one neighborhood that is my favorite to sell in.  I like so many different areas of Boston. Each has its own character and draw to live and invest in.  What I do enjoy is selling properties in a unique area of a neighborhood or a property with cool features that are distinct only to it.  For example, a top floor unit in say East Boston that has city views you didn’t even realize were there until you saw the space, or a dated fixer upper that you discover has original pine hardwood floors hidden under laminate flooring from the 70’s.  It is these types of things I like to uncover, sell, and that also add value.

Tell us about your proudest moment as an agent at CHARLESGATE.

I have had many, but working in real estate, other people (often family and friends) rely on you and your expertise to make big decisions, find solutions, make things happen, and to help buy and sell what is sometimes their largest assets and often where they live. So, when I am able to use my skillset to successfully help people and clients, that is rewarding and something I can be proud of.

Tell us about the most unique real estate deal you've worked on.

I don’t even know where to start on this one!  Over my 10 years of working in real estate, I have worked on many unique (to put it mildly) deals with all types of different people, properties, and situations.  I guess that is one of many factors that makes working in Real Estate interesting! 

What is something that you have learned during your time as an agent at CHARLESGATE?

I left a job in the financial world and began my career in real estate at Charlesgate at age 24 back in 2010 with no experience in the business.  So essentially everything I know about real estate has been picked up while working in the day-to-day business of being a real estate agent at Charlesgate.

You can reach out to Matt to discuss Real Estate in Boston!


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