Innovative Amenities Coming to Arthaus Condos in Allston

Innovative Amenities Coming to Arthaus Condos in Allston

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Now a little over a year since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, it is clear that the shape of our lives has had to change. 

Thankfully, we humans are pretty amazing and have adapted admirably to these new conditions that have dynamically altered our day-to-day lives. This shift in lifestyle has fueled innovations in how development companies, like our client Mount Vernon Co, approach their design philosophies. New concepts in reexamining floorplans or redesigning common spaces are just some of the ideas they have begun to incorporate.

When looking at the Gallery Residences at Arthaus - brand new condos coming soon for sale in Allston, Mount Vernon Co. owner Bruce Percelay realized it was the perfect opportunity to pivot with the times. Owners in this new condominium community will be surprised by the new forward-thinking amenities available to them!

In a Boston Globe article discussing the at-work perks apartment buildings are beginning to install, Mr. Percelay mentions that he installed “work cubbies.” These new soundproof work pods allow you to “work from home” in privacy and safety should you need to get out of the house. The shared workspace maximizes natural light and, to keep it safer and sanitary, Mr. Percelay adds that he “Even changed the fabric on the seating for leather in common areas.” 

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Another exciting new amenity resulting from the shift to the home office is Mount Vernon Co.’s venture with catering company Alchemista

Gallery Arthaus condos

The Boston-based business needed to adapt, and founder Christine Marcus has introduced their modular gourmet marketplace to apartments all over Boston. When Arthaus opens, tenants will have easy access to some of the best meals their neighborhood has to offer via the Alchemista’s smart food lockers. This convenience reduces potential fees you could be spending on delivery, or the time spent cooking or waiting in line for takeout.

In addition to keeping you fed at home, you can also take confidence that you’re helping out the local businesses that supply food to the lockers. To eliminate any potential waste, Alchemista will be donating all uneaten food at the end of each day to those in need.

Gallery Residences at Arthaus is an incredible new boutique condo community in Allston that will have it all for any lifestyle. You will have access to the high-end fitness center to keep fit. You can host a few friends in the penthouse lounge with its entertaining space and a kitchen for meal prep (unless you get snacks from Alchemista)! Pet owners can use the pet spa to pamper their animal companions.

These innovative amenities bring all the benefits of work to your new office-away-from-the-office, and genuinely set the Gallery Residences at Arthaus apart! 


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